Q&A: How much is my pony worth?? ?

Question by YeeeHaw: How much is my pony worth?? ?
Ok, so i was wondering how much my pony is worth. i’m not selling her i just want to know simple smile Q&A: How much is my pony worth?? ? Please answer in Australian $ Thanks

14years old
can do a bunch of tricks- lay down, spanish walk, count (both feet), bow, lean (stretch), smile and cross her front feet.
broken in
very responsive to the right rider
barefoot ( i dont know if that matters but ye)
shes a good jumper
not much experience in dressage
she has never been to a competition
she can get spooked easily when she is alone
Big fear of motorbikes

If you have any questions about her just ask because i feel like im leaving something out… :\

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Answer by Joe B

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