Q&A: How to convince my mother and father to let me have a motorbike ten points very best response?

Question by : How to convince my parents to let me have a motorbike ten factors very best answer?
Well, my dad mentioned a lot of instances i can and now he thinks they are to hazardous he had 1. I am having to pay for it and so on if i am aloud. I got off report like i said i would which was an agreement for a motorbike and he don’t keep to it. I asked him loads of times in previous and he explained ‘your money’ now its No bikes.

Any aid?

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Answer by mcperson2k
Wait until your out on your own… However there are no pros that outweigh the dangers of a motorbike. They are just as dangerous in the hands of a veteran rider as they are in a new rider… Ideal wait till your older and on your very own to make the determination your self.

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Although driving a motorbike a rider often need special cloths for the its ride. This is due to the fact there are distinct conditions and atmosphere whilst drivi…
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Question by seb: Whats the cost of buying a motorbike in Delhi?
I am heading to India quickly, and am planning to purchase a motorbike there and trip it back to London. I realize that the motorbike of option in India is the Royal Enfield Bullet.

Can anyone inform me how much I can expect to shell out for a 2nd hand Bullet in Delhi (or elsewhere in India)?


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Response by GargVK
For second hand royal bullet minimum you have to spend close to 30000/= with great issue.

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