Q&A: im 15 1/2 i want to get my motorcyle permit?

Question by Ali: im 15 1/2 i want to get my motorcyle permit?
what should i study i passed the sample test on the CA DMV site is that enough

will i need a car lisence to get a motorycle lisence

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Answer by Mike
You don’t need a Class C License to take the Permit Test. But you do need to have completed Drivers Training (Behind the Wheel Lessons) if you are under 18. Also, you need to have Completed Drivers Ed. Once you have that, you can go to your local DMV and apply to get a motorcycle M1 permit. However, if you want your License you need to take a CHP approved Motorcycle Training Course and receive a DL389 which will waive your Skills Driving Test. Or you can wait till your 18 and take the Driving Test and receive your M1 License.

NOTE: When you get your permit you can only ride on the streets, NO FREEWAY, NEVER AT NIGHT, AND NEVER WITH A PASSENGER.

For Practice Tests Go to:
Take the Class M Tests

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