Q&A: Motorcycle License???????????????????????????

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Question by Wolfman: Motorcycle License???????????????????????????
What would be the easiest way to get a motorcycle license? I don’t even have a permit yet. frownie Q&A: Motorcycle License???????????????????????????

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Easiest way would be to take the MSF course or one run by a local college. It’s a two day course, they provide bikes and helmets, you take the class for saturday and sunday at the end yout take a test thats easier than the dmv test and they give you a paper to go get your license without takign the dmv test which is difficult as a beginner rider, especially if you have a larger bike.

These classes usually fill up through the entire year by February, however if you show up and there’s a no show you get in which usually happens.

You’ll have to first take the permit test which is only 15 or 20 questiosn, you can miss like 20%.

For the actual dmv test you never get out of first gear. You swerve through like 6 cones that are very tightly spaced together, thsi is the hardest partr. The trick usually is go through 3 and skip the last three as you lose minimal points as opposed to automaticaly failing if you mess up and put your foot down. The rest of the test is a piece of cake, make a right and left turn, make a u turn withint a 30 foot or so area and go through a gauntlet and swirve around a line. You also usuallyhave to drive straight and then stop with your front tire in a box.

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