Q&A: What type of mechanics are scooter dealerships seeking for?

Question by TJ: What kind of mechanics are scooter dealerships hunting for?
I am at present attending a motorcycle school and taking the Harley Davidson program. It is very in depth so when finished, I am positive to have much more than ample entry level expertise. I do have a passion for scooters/mopeds new and outdated and being as there are no scooter only schools, I was pondering if scooter dealerships would hire an HD technician.

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Reply by Victor
Typically at least two diverse levels of mechanic. If you are unskilled at scooter mechanics then you can at least be hired as the entry degree (apprentice) mechanic. Attendance at the HD course will aid, a good deal of what you learn will transfer in excess of (tires, brakes, standard fuel method principles, and so on). And there are standard ideas of motorbike servicing and troubleshooting that you are finding out now.

What ever you do, don’t go approaching a scooter servicing store with a big head…… nor do you want to go producing any depreciating noises about low-cost scooters. A lot of scooters are high-high quality machines, are offered throughout the world and are underappreciated right here in the US.

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