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Query by kawasaki dude: Actually how tough is sailing the globe, how long to understand?
We have taken on a fair number of issues in the final 10 many years in which if we’d listened to people “skilled” in the area, it would’ve put us off totally, from studying to trip a motorbike then motorcycling round india and asia for two many years, to buying a boat to dwell on (inland) to diving and skydiving and so on and so forth.

Our following issue is to sail about the globe (a journey we’re at the total beggining of, as in not purchased the boat or set out route but), travelling for 3+ many years. The route will predominately be coastal, preparing to seldom if ever sail in circumstances which might be regarded treacherous with 1 or two large crossings (Atlantic/Pacific) after we have finished a continent. Considering United kingdom-Germany-Med-Suez Canal-SE Asian coast as a commencing stage

Security is important though we’re both young (28) and not adverse to taking a risk or two.

Can a person give me an educated guess on timeframe in which to be competent sufficient sailor to be capable to undertake the over activity with out meeting my maker prematurely. Please base the solution in terms of days (24 hour periods) as that is how I will understand, allocating days/weeks to being at sea in various climate problems just before we get started the journey. Please do not take into account studying as this is/will be completed at my leisure in excess of the next six months.

Spending budget for the boat will be circa £40K ($ 62K), cost savings of £20K ($ 31K) with roughly £1K ($ one.5K) coming in a month whilst we are away in between the two of us. This does not contain any loans/credit score cards or marketing of assets (which are available alternatives need to they be necessary).

We hope to set sail by March 2015,

Can you please allow me know if the above is possible, or if you see any gaping holes in it please point them out.

Thanks for your aid guys, a lot appreciated

Very best solution:

Reply by Capt. John
Undoubtedly it is quite feasible.

My son has a regular saying “Give me twenty days, I’ll turn anyone into a sailor. Give me 30 days, and I will flip them into a assured 1.”

You have lots of time & funds to do this, (as I do) on a frugal price range – which means: I have a 30 foot secure, seaworthy and comfortable sailboat which leaves me money to go anywhere and see, or do anything I want as long as I control my expenses. I could not afford to do this (on my spending budget) in a huge “luxury” yacht.

My live a-board cruising philosophy is “go small, go now, and keep out longer”. The only point that has transformed for me in excess of the 20 many years I’ve been carrying out it, is my definition of “tiny”. I commenced out in a 44 footer, and three trades later on, I am in a 30 footer, and really like it most of all.
My error was believing my boat would be my “home”. It is not – now I see my boat as my “suitcase” which occurs to have a bed, a head, and a galley. A lot of area for comfort & safety, an occasional guest, and practically nothing a lot more.

DAYS TO Find out: It does not take long at all to “learn to sail”. I know couples that began with definitely zero encounter that had been sailing off into the sunset alone collectively thirty days later on. In my “boat developing days” my oldest son and I would occasionally give sailing lessons. Only we didn’t give them to just anybody, we only gave them to people capable and wanting to sail off into the sunset. Most of them, had been as very good as they potentially could get within ten to twenty days and the last 10 days have been spent sailing along beside them (in our own boat) from Galveston to Bimini. Right after they reached Bimini unassisted, they had the confidence to sail anywhere they needed to go
When it comes to sailing off into unknown waters “confidence” is the important ingredient. – No matter whether sailing the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or on all around the globe, it needs significantly-considerably a lot more faith – then finance. Fear of the unknown is indeed the “huge undesirable wolf” that prevents most (otherwise capable and capable) sailors from in fact living this dream.

LOL – My oldest son (and completed sailor) with three circumnavigations behind him, can get into some real heated arguments with boaters telling an individual they need “years of knowledge and training” to sail all around the planet. Fact is, right now with all the technology and climate details we have at our finger tips – sailing close to the planet (or close to “in” it) is easily accomplished safely – as long as you are a safe knowledable boater, in a secure seaworthy vessel.

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