riding helmet or motorcycle helmet?

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Question by sweet young thing: riding helmet or motorcycle helmet?
would a motorcycle helmet be more effective and safe compared to an equestrian riding helmet? i have 2 elementary aged kids that will be trail riding soon. they have regular riding helmets now but if the motorcycle helmet is safer i would like to have them for trail use.
the kids NEVER NEVER NEVER ride without me being within 20 feet of them. we have very calm bonmbproof horses but they are still animals. very big unpredictable animals. if they are cleaning stalls they were their helmets just in case a horse sneeks in while they are in there. im very careful and safety is always my first objective.

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Answer by Missf
I think a riding helmet is safer because for one – Its made to ride horses. I only use one occasionally. I prefer no helmet.

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Question by someoneoutthere: What size of Motorcycle Helmet for a 4 year old little girl??
I want to find a Motorcycle helmet for my little girl who is 4 years old. I don’t want a Dirt Bike or Racing helmet, more like a Harley helmet. Does anyone know what size I should be looking for from personal experience?
Im not talking about going 80 mph down the freeway with her!
My husbands boss lets him take his harley on some weekends and she likes to have a little SLOW ride around the block and I would like a helmet on my little one before we take her…….OH IM A HORRIBLE MOTHER LOL!!! Put your kid in a bubble.
Thanks to everyone that has provided real answers!
I just want to clarify that safety is my number 1 priority here and that is why im asking the question. Im not looking for a cutsie helmet, I want a safe helmet.
Also, if we were to give her a ride, I wouldn’t just set her on the back and say “Dad, have at it!” lol. It would be my husband driving her in the middle and me on the end to hold her as well as her holding on to daddy.
To the person that said they don’t make kids helmets…. I know they do, because when we went camping last year I saw a couple on a ATV with a baby that had a helmet. I also thought that when BACA gives kids rides (or don’t they?) they would have kid sized helmets.
This really isn’t a BIG deal, she doesn’t have to ride, I just thought it would be fun if it was SAFE and slow and also would like one if we ever go 4 wheeling.
Thanks again for those who have helped!

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Answer by Smitty
4 year olds should NOT be on a motorcycle!

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