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Query by Jelena: What demands are there to drive a scooter in France?
I’m going to study in France for a semester and I was considering about obtaining a scooter for transport even though I am there, but I’m not positive what sort of licenses I need to have. I have my Canadian driver’s license. I am also not phased about the power of the scooter since I wont be employing it for crazy distances.

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Response by Wise OWL
Are you over 18? If you are underage and have a legitimate foreign licence you are are not allowed to drive a automobile in France until you attain your 18th birthday.
Unless you have met the new principles put in location due to the variety of accidents on two wheelers you are not permitted to drive a scooter or motorbike either.
With regard to driving a scooter, the Ministry of the Interior has enforced that automobile drivers (with Variety B permit and two years and a single month of driving encounter and driving a scooter 50 cc to 125cc) both get a motorbike license (Type A) or stick to a particular, 7-hour scooter education, involving emergency breaking and balancing alone and with a passenger – which expenses at least €250 and more depending on the moto école.

The 14-12 months olds+ driving scooters much less than 50 cc are obliged to follow a distinct education known as Le Brevet de Sécurité Routière (BSR).

If you are caught with out a allow you chance a fine of €135 and a retraction of three factors from your driver’s license.

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