Saves, Bails, Fails!

A bunch of mainly Moto Gp, or lower class, funny bike accidents. Music: Green Day, ‘Jaded’
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DSA Module 1 practical test This is a video of myself passing the Module 1 Motorcycle Test. I have been able to add numerous tips & advice thanks to YouTube annotations. Also have a read through of the comments since there are some good questions & answers. The motorcycle test is in 2 parts, Module 1 & Module 2. Module 1 tests your manoeuvrability in an offroad area. Module 2 tests your road knowledge while your being followed on the road by an instructor. Premises187. Here is some cut & paste stuff. The new motorcycle test went live on Monday 27 April 2009. It aims to improve the standard of road safety for motorcycle and moped riders. This user group has been identified as having a high risk of injury or death, this is particularly the case for young and inexperienced riders. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR TEST!!!
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Question by LoLLiPoP RoSe: How to care for motorbike frog’s tadpoles?
At school we have a motorbike frog tadpole. We are bringing it inside from a pond out because it is the only creature. I was wondering what they eat, and whether it is ok to put it in tap water. also any other general care tips would be appreciated.

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