Scooter Mike AKA Salton City Salvage Vintage Japanese Motorcyles for sale Part 2.

Older utilitarian, but geniune Gentleman who has lived in Salton City, CA for 25 Years. He demands to sell off his assortment of about a hundred vintage Japa…
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Question by Lonewolf: where to find motorbike parts for bicycle in singapore?
i noticed alots of youngster riding close to neighbourhood with their bicycle modified with motorbike headlight ,tail and so forth. i even saw one particular which search like scarmbler (a motorbike) .. any person know in which to get it in singapore ? and how a lot was it ? i attempted Ebay but yet i identified none of it..

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Response by McG
I propose the notion that they are salvaged components. Most likely from nearby vendors that don’t have web web sites or even personal computers. Consider junk/salvage yards.

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