Sharing dreams is there a that means??

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Question by Ms. Floats_Ur_Boat: Sharing dreams is there a that means??
My boyfriend had told me about his dream the evening before and I found it was much like mine, we were each riding motorbikes. Later on in the day I identified out a Professional Motorcross biker failed the execute his trick correctly and died.

Practically nothing in my dream recommended death, but I was riding close to in a set up variety of track thing and soe old close friends of mine had been taking turns on the trail. My neighbors and I had similiar factors to a motor bike (go-cart, mini bike, four wheeler)to ride when we have been younger and a trail.
In fact, yeah, I’m not positive about the meaning so I am open to hearing you viewpoint.

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Answer by Tam D
Hi, here are the symbols that I see in this dream.

The riding on a motor-cross bike exhibits how you are traveling by means of life or through a distinct circumstance. It means you are in manage.
The trail is a path you have chose to consider in daily life. The issue of the path reflects the ease or the difficulty this path in existence has been for you.

The pals can just be in a dream playing as themselves or can symbolize a certain quality that you share with them. Can also symbolize a portion of by yourself that you like.

Hope that aids, and excellent dreams to you simple smile Sharing dreams is there a that means??

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Query by : I miss my kitten very considerably- must i blame myself for her passing away?
my kitten is 1 of a million — she was so wonderful and affectionate that you cant even picture … she will follow me each and every in which and in the morning time she will almost cling to me and purr like crazy … She was the Very best !!! I will by no means be ready locate any person like her…:((((

I grief for her — i discovered her dead outside my home … she was positioned at the side of road … there was tricking of dried blood on her neck … i dont know how she died. But i am grateful i was able to see her one final time and it provides me some closure.

Recently i blaming myself for her death — mostly due to the fact i kind of skilled her not to fight … or bite or scratch …. i worry she might have been attacked by another animal and she almost certainly did not battle that attacker because of my education….

( some guy who examined her told me she might have been run over a motorbike … but i cant be sure )

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Solution by Clockwork_Knight

You permitted your cat to roam as a substitute of maintaining it within wherever it belonged. much more then like it was hit by a automobile or poisoned by some one particular who was tired of it going into their yard

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