Should I buy the motorbike?

Question by Vic: Should I buy the motorbike?
I am going to buy a motorbike. Second hand because I cant afford a brand new one. I have been on various pages and I found a few. It is an Aprilia Rs50. I live in spain so the pages are in spanish. This one is 1000 euros which is 820 pounds. That is really cheap what should I do? Go check it out? It might look alright but is it really? What do you guys think.

Thanks in advance

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Answer by Harry W
Aprilia’s are a no go, their performance built bikes, sure you can tune them up to go a lot faster than other bikes but they do end up with a lot of problems and the parts arnt cheap either, they usually need a lot of top and bottom engine rebuilds due to lack of care.

Is it really worth having a geared bike that can still only do 30mph and maybe 50mph de-restricted?

Especially if you buy one second hand, the reason its soo cheap is because its proberly been ragged and mis-treated, Id say buy a cheap reliable moped that will do you for a year then upgrade to a 125cc motorbike.

You can pick a good second hand ped up for 500-800pounds

Good luck mate

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