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The Dancing Policeman Olympic Flame Relay

Day 62 of the Olympic Torch Relay, the sun was shining and hundreds of folks were lining the streets of Sevenoaks prepared to see the Olympic flame. The crowd entertainers armed with a microphone and a box of get together tunes were there to make mischief. They stopped this policeman on his motorbike and received the crowd to chant his name (Matt if you are asking yourself!) and hustled him to dance. He looked briefly taken aback but swiftly warmed to 1000 folks chanting his title and styled out the Macerana complete with a spectacular crotch thrust finale… What is not to like? Let’s make Matt a tiny bit renowned! X
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Montreal motorbike band Montreal motorbike band Montreal motorbike band
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Direct Bikes Scooter Flame Thrower Colin Furze

This is no ordinary Direct Bikes scooter. Wow…. search at the flames on this one!

Question by LOUIZIANABOYZ: Fallen Motorbikes & Scooters?
You know how men and women say when a motorbike falls over, it truly is bad since it can drown the carburator or some crap??? What about scooters??? I wanna acquire a scooter, but the unique proprietor says he’s dropped it a couple times due to mobility issues… Would this nonetheless be a very good purchase for a lowered value???

Best solution:

Answer by easygoing157
dropping a bike can FLOOD the carbie..

but its a short-term point.. other injury could be much more long term..

but most bikes scooters that are a number of many years old have been dropped..

So go for it.. if the harm is minimum it should not influence the bike in any way..

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