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Question by Tibbsy!: Motor Cycle Check, How do you get?
Im 18 many years previous, I hold a CBT cirtificate and have an outdated 125cc bike, I want to get a larger bike, and how do i book a test, how do the lessons perform, is there a theory or anything else?

I live in plymouth england and want to have a license to drive a larger bike.

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Response by tomd1980
I live in Belfast and i took the check much less than two years in the past. Despite becoming part of the Uk, the law right here is slightly diverse but it must be broadly the identical.

Initial up, the lessons. Fundamentally you ring your regional riding school and basically book a few lessons, preferable on your personal bike. They can advise you of occasions and cost. What happens is when you arrive they put a speaker in your helmet and you can hear them as you trip along. It is nicely well worth acquiring lessons as you can practice the test routes and the manoeuvres and they can inform you some of the tricks examiners use to catch men and women out.

You do need to do the concept check. It is a really great idea to get a lend of the instruction CD or acquire one particular since the hazard perception is quite hard.

When you have your concept, you can book your sensible check. It consists of a useful session with a number of queries about motorbike servicing and carrying a pillion. If you do lessons your instructors will be ready to run you through that element of the course.

Here in Northern Ireland we do not have the direct entry test, but I believe you want to be 21 or above to do it (I am not sure given that we don’t have it).

After you previous the normal check, you are limited to a bike with electrical power of 33 bhp or under for 2 years. You can both buy a bike of that energy, or get any bike you want and get it limited. I drive a Honda CB400 and I know a man that has a 700 cc Yamaha and they are restricted. Soon after the two years you can drive what you like.

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