The place can you acquire a mini bike for not a good deal of funds?

Query by : The place can you acquire a mini bike for not a great deal of money?
I want to buy an electrical mini bike just to trip all around on but I do not want to spend a ton of money. if any person understands exactly where I can buy a mini bike for low cost or if they want to sell me one particular allow me know. Also I never care if it is employed or new as lengthy as it is in great condition

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Response by TAS_Wine_Drinker
Did you verify Craigslist or your nearby paper?

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Question by Sathish Kumar: I require to construct a Digital petrol indicator in motorbikes…?
As a mini task i would like to build a Digital Petrol meter(or indicator) . So please give me suggestions to develop it and and also block diagrams and circuit diagrams to construct it. please assist me out to finish this project.As am performing in electronics sector helping me out with electronic components could be better.

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Response by sunset
It would be a waste of money and time. Just depart your petcock in the ON place. When it runs out switch it to RESERVE position. Then, fill up as soon as posible. Also, set journey to zero when you fill up and you will quickly know about when you will run out.

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