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Question by : What do you do with your motorcycle helmet when you park?
I am arranging on getting a motorbike soon and was asking yourself what you do with your helmet when you park someplace like the mall or keep. Do you just leave it on the bike or have a lock to make sure it doesn’t get stolen?

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Answer by Scott H
I either leave it on the seat or put it in my tourpak and lock it up.

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Query by Jim C: What is the distinction between a motorcycle helmet and a scooter helmet?
Are they rated differently or is it just a design thing? I inquire because there is a helmet on eBay advertised as “Motorcycle Scooter Helmet”.

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Answer by Earl s
whatever you purchase be confident it is DOT authorized & ideally Snell authorized as properly. DOT is the Federal mandatory security common. Snell is a manufacturers normal.

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