What is a good, reasonably priced motorcycle helmet for a beginner?

Question by trickyredcoat: What is a good, reasonably priced motorcycle helmet for a beginner?
I am just starting to get into motorcycles and am going to buy a helmet soon. I want one that is DOT and Snell approved but I am unsure of the good brands in this world. Any suggestions to helmets that are good quality but won’t absolutely break the bank? Appreciate the help.

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Answer by Mr. Smartypants
The big motorcycle magazines do an article every year or two where they buy a bunch of helmets and submit them to an independent testing lab and report on the results. What they find is that all helmets protect about the same, you pay more for features and comfort. In fact the best are often the cheapest, ABS helmets (though they’re also the heaviest).

The article always has some kind of graphic to show what percentage of impacts come from what directions, and (I guess not surprisingly) about half of the impacts come from the front. So a full-face helmet is best. A half-helmet is like locking two doors on a four-door car.

Now the next thing will get a lot of people mad at me. About 95% of accidents are falls. You don’t run into a wall or off a cliff, the bike falls over. You might be going 70 mph, so you’ll slide a ways, but the fall itself is almost always the same, a five-foot fall. The DOT helmet is designed for this intensity of impact. It’s designed for street riding. Snell helmets are designed for racing, where you have bigger impacts, so the foam in the helmet is a lot stiffer. And it may not protect even as well as a DOT helmet on the street. OTOH Snell helmets must be certified by a lab while DOT is basically on the ‘honor system’.

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Question by David: ny state motorcycle helmet?
I received a ticket today for an “unapproved” helmet. The reason being was I have a rubber Mohawk/sawblade attatched to the top of my helmet. I can’t find anywhere in ny state dmv v&t that displays any info on this, can anyone explain this to me? I would like to fight the ticket.

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Tell us which day you’re going to tell the judge how wrong he is, I want to be there.

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