What is the Motorbike Driving age in Jamaica?

Question by Adam O: What is the Motorbike Driving age in Jamaica?
Hi, Im moving over to Jamaica to live soon and I was trying to find
out what the motorbike driver age over their i am 16 and I love motorbikes.

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Answer by rattyboo
2 years old.

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Question by igotyourbackkid: What kind of small motorbike is a good street rider for a 14 year old?
I currently have a 50cc 1978 Honda Express moped that I use to ride around the streets of the small town I live around. I am now looking to upgrade to something faster, more powerful, cooler-looking, and hopefully with a manual transmission. It needs to be small enough for a 14 years old to ride and control. Turn signals and mirrors are preferred. Looking to stay under 600 dollars. I’ve been checking around on e-bay but I’m not really experienced on it and I don’t know how to find exactly what I want. Any help is very much appreciated.
Don’t really want a sport bike, and it needs to be under 150cc. 100cc or so preferred.

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Answer by Greg S
Kawasaki Ninja 250 is an excellent “beginner” bike if you are into sport bikes. You can find relatively newer ones for around 00 or less in the paper. A few years older I’m sure you can find one for under 00. You can ride it for a while to get experience and probably sell it for close to what you paid for it. Always in demand.

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