What motorbike would you recommend for trail riding?

Question by peter j: What motorbike would you recommend for trail riding?
I weigh 180lbs and looking for a motorbike for trail riding, in summer I usually do 250-300 miles/month, just easy trail riding, cruising style, no mx stuff. I’m looking for a low and cheap maintenance motorbike-kinda you-put-in-gas-and-ride stuff. What motorbikes would you recommend?
I’m gonna use it mainly for trail riding, almost no road riding. I was thinking about a CRF100F, just heard bad things about expensive and frequent maintenance…

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Answer by timefora250f
we have no idea if you ride mainly road or mainly dirt and how much you want to spend, you cant go wrong with an xr if you want to do easy trail rides etc. depending on how big you want to go look for a honda xr 250, 400 etc. Thats not to say that all th other brands wont be as good, you cant really miss if you buy a reasonably new brand name bike. have a good look around before you buy though.

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