What’s the fastest and cheapest/secure way to go to Carabao Island?

Query by looking 4 a summer time task: What’s the quickest and least expensive/secure way to go to Carabao Island?
A new option for Bora, as shown in Jesic Soho’s demonstrate on GMA is Carabao Island. What would be the cheapest, fastest and protected way to go there?

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Take a flight to Manila. After arriving at Manila Global Airport, you will transfer to Manila’s Domestic Airport Terminal Area. Examine common info at the airport. There are domestic flights to Caticlan or Kalibo Airports.

Asian Spirit have domestic flights from Manila direct to Caticlan (See flight routine)ASIAN SPIRIT, Manila, Tel. Nos. (02)840-3811 to 16 or 840-1712 to 13 / 819-2827.

You can fly Philippine Airlines from Manila Domestic Airport to Kalibo Airport. Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Air Philippines, Manila, PAL: Tel. Nos. (02)855-8888, 855-7888, Fax No. (02)853-8344 AirPhils: Tel. No. (02)855-9000, Fax no. (02) 851-7922. The flight requires 30 minutes.

From Kalibo Airport, consider the air-conditioned bus to Caticlan. The bus journey takes an hour. From Caticlan harbor, get a motor boat (banca) to Boracay. The boat will take around twenty-30 minutes. The bus trip and the boat charges close to Pp 140.

From Boracay, take a motor boat to the town of San Jose/Carabao Island. Or direct from Caticlan, a single-way fare to San Jose normally Pp 25. A chartered (Unique trip) motor boat charges all around Pp 500 normally the retain the services of from Boracay to Carabao is more expensive. The best source for data on the latest boat schedules from Boracay is at the boat stations. Several individuals who function on Boracay are originally from Carabao.

From Boracay, they can disembark immediately to Lanas (Parcel II) or Tipok-pok (Parcel I). In truth these two web sites are much nearer to Boracay than San Jose. San Jose town suitable is at at the opposite side of Carabao island. Carabao island has paved street from San Jose to Lanas. By foot, mountain bike, motorbike, Tipok-pok could be reached from the two places.

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