Whats the scoop on a Colorado motorcycle license?

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by Yannick Croissant

Question by Zack: Whats the scoop on a Colorado motorcycle license?
I’m 18 years old, i do not have a street legal motorcycle but i have ridden before and have been racing mxra my whole life. I want to get my colorado motorcycle endorsement. What are the steps i have to take in order to do this? Do i need my own bike? Which bike is good to start out with that’s not like a 1989 honda or something too old. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a 2004 cbr600?? any suggestions? please don’t just copy and paste DMV information or links. i would like personal experience answers. ALso, any additional tips and tricks or things i should know/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by d357
hello, I am a Colorado native with a motorcycle endorsment. First thing first, you need to go down to dmv to take the motorcycle written permit test. I would go down and get the book to study before taking the test. The written test is pretty simple and common sense but they do throw a couple curve balls your way. The motorcycle permits states that you can drive the motorcycle by yourself but you have to have someone over the age of 21 that holds a motorcycle endorsement ride with you (next to you) on their bike.You do not have to own the bike to ride it or take the drving test. After holding your motorcycle permit for a few months or a year(depending on age) you are then able to take the motorcycle driving test. Once passed the driving test, you then get your motorcycle endorsement. Check out this guy for taking driving test. He is awesome and very easy. A lot easier then dmv. It says cdl testing but he also does motorcycle testing. He is an independent tester. It will cost the same as dmv. Use Dale Bunting if you can – http://www.cdltest.net/roy_associates.ht… …the link will give his number. I suggest contacting him via telephone.———As for what bike to get, I think the cbr would be ok. Many people will tell you a sport bike is not a good bike to test on, or a good first bike. But I took the test on a 2000 gsxr 600 and i had very little motorcycle expierence and passed with almost 100%. I thought it was a good first bike, and it was brand new at the time. I believe since you have expierence on bikes that you will not have a problem with the test. One thing that is also better about independent testers is that the course they use is usually in a big parking lot and not caged or blocked off with dividers like the dmv course. When its caged off or blocked, it makes the course look confined and smaller and tighter. Good luck! p.s. one more tip- Once you decide where you are taking your driving test (what course), go down and practice on the course. It will help you extremely by totally preparing you.

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Motorcycle chaos as people try to ride them and do stunts or race but end up crashing sometimes.

Question by articwolf9393@sbcglobal.net: motorcycle wont start?
ok so my motorcycle will start i just cant get my key to turn to on i can get the key in the ignition but it wont turn any trick u all know of i made a new key and it work fine for about 1 a week then stopped any help?

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Answer by Carl P
you may have a damaged pin in the lock barrel. break down and get a new key and lock assembly, on most bikes it is easy to replace just do not scratch the chrome if the key is up on top.

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