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Demo of a nice Whizzer Motorbike build. Runs great!
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PSUK Motorcycles & Scooters 2009 Collection www.PSUK.BTtradespace.com
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Question by blahhhhh: Does anyone know where I can rent a cheap motorbike/scooter in Vienna?

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Answer by nes
i can recommend

“jahelka zweirad”: http://www.jahelka.at/leihfahrzeuge.html (website in german – sorry)
price includes 150km/day, you have to leave a € 220 deposit, and you can borrow helmets there too.

second: http://www.2radboerse.at/rent.asp they have more choice
they have day and weekend-fares and on saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00 am you have “happy hours” – 40%off to all fares but you cannot make a reservation for those bikes

try also: http://www.scooterinmotion.at/home_e.htm (in english – 100€ deposit and scooter for 35€ per day – including helmet, insurance, taxes, fuel, etc.) i think this one could be the best for you…

i hope this helped and if you need some more information about anything just tell me!

greets from austria,


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